6 Reasons to Engage us.

  1. We are a team of professional photographers who have experience in photographing and providing instant print services from small family gatherings to multi day festivals since 2006.

  2. We only use high quality papers and high speed printers for your events. We do not only print ONE copy but for EVERYONE in the photo. We don’t disappoint your guests with only one print out per group photo. Beware of companies who advertise  UNLIMITED prints but only provide one photo print out per group.

  3. For Live/Instant Photography services, our photographers are highly trained and equipped with DSLRs and wireless transmitters. We do not run around exchanging memory cards. Only the best photos goes to the Live Projection and instantly printed out for your guests.

  4. We use an actual Photobooth Machine with a Live View screen to preview your poses and not a camera on a tripod or a camera in a cardboard box. It also takes multiple shots automatically with a countdown timer.

  5. For our Instagram Instant Prints services as well as GIF booth, we use fast 4G internet services to upload/download your photos and GIFs to your social media as well as to print them out.

  6. We provide highly competitive rates and value for money for the volume of print outs we provide per event.

Still not convinced? Drop us an email at


and we would answer all your queries as best as we can. Hey, we can also provide you tips and advice to make your event a memorable and successful one.